Saint Ambrose – Immaculate

2018 offers a beautiful and long week end for the festivity of the Milano patron Saint Ambrose and the Virgin Immaculate: from Thursday to Sunday, three full days to enjoy the first seasonal skis, to the Christmas markets, for a visit to a castle or the Alps Museum or simply to relax. In Val d’Ayas, the ski slopes and lifts will open then season for the occasion: everything will be ready for those who want to escape from the city and inaugurate the new winter season.

The offer is valid from Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th December 2018

Rates for the three nights offer:

• Accommodation in Charme Room € 4288,00

• Accommodation in Confort Junior Suite € 588,00

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Magic Christmas in Val d’Ayas

Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas in the heart of the Alps: Wellness, Charme, Gourmet and Tradition. In December, your holiday in Val d’Ayas is an opportunity to take a relaxing break, opening the ski season and savoring the products of the Tradition to Experience the Emotion of Christmas Magic in front of the most imposing glacier in the Alps.

Rates for the three nights offer:

• Accomodation in Charme Room € 542,00

• Accomodation in Confort Junior Suite € 628,00

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New Year’s Eve in Val d’Ayas

Enjoy the New Year in the enchanted nature of the woods of Val d’Ayas. Experience the magic of New Year’s Eve on the slopes of the Monte Rosa Massif and immerse yourself in the spirit of the Mountain, plunging into one of the most beautiful ski areas in the Western Alps. Five days in the Romantic Village of Maé, in the exclusive Charme Hotel, to celebrate the New Year.

Offer valid from December 28th to January 2nd, 2019

Rates for the five nights offer:

• Accommodation in Charme Room € 980,00

• Accommodation in Confort Junior Suite € 1080,00

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Spa & Gourmet

Wellness Monteros@, a break between wellness and taste. In the heart of the Ayas Valley to live the colors, the perfumes and the flavors of the land of the Challand family. There are good reasons to experience mountains during all the seasons: take a trip towards wellness and taste to get to know the places, the landscapes and getting closer to simple genuine tastes.

Deal for a couple for 2 days, 2018:

• Promo period: April – May – June – September – October €278,00

• Mid season: January – March – July €306,00

• High season: December – February – August €338,00

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Culture & Nature

With this special offer you get two days embraced by the nature and the chance to get to know the magic of our local traditions. By visiting the Bard fortress you will discover all the secrets of mountain life in the biggest museum dedicated to the Alps.

Deal for a couple, 2 days, 2018:

• Promo period: April – May – June – September – October €199,00

• Mid season: January – March – July – September €219,00

• High season: December – February – Agosto €249,00

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